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We gotta testify, Come up in the NFT spot lookin' extra fly. Before the day you die, you gonna touch the sky.

Why Let It All Out

Get the perfect NFT mix. Double the effect, Double the Impact. Both projects and artists will be rewarded.

A 360° NFT Studio For Artists willing to expand their audience to the Web3 community. We’ll align the long term Royalty strategy with the Artists. We’ll plan together a launch and community growing strategy. Building the roadmap from the idea to the followup after NFT sellout.

With double impact to take out the whole row. You’ll start swinging again and again until we reach our best collection.

The first collection

Double impact is proud to launch the first ever NFT collection linked to a Festival in Belgium. Next march, we will enhance the experience of the first edition of NAMUR IS A JOKE festival trough an exclusive NFT collection.

NFT is a joke

NFT is a Joke is a NFT collectible series of 150 rare tokens and 25 super rare tokens, comprising handmade graphic illustrations of many comedians and artists featured at the festival.

NFT is a Joke are membership cards giving access to Festival exclusives. Some NFT's will also be real tickets for some of the shows. And even more, owners of rarest NFT's will enjoy meet&greet with their favorite artist !

Join our discord or our Twitter to find out more !

Public sale open

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